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Indian Wedding: Part 1 (Pre-wedding Festivities)

Being married to an Indian man, I have had the opportunity to go to several Indian weddings, which you might imagine are quite different from a typical American wedding with reception at Mint Springs barn (I mention particular place as I was there last week


Lucky Dog Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce–Review and Giveaway!

A few weeks ago during our regular Sunday morning farmer’s market trip, B and I noticed a vendor selling hot sauce. B loves his hot sauce, but not just any hot sauce. It needs to be spicy and flavorful, something that many hot sauces fail


Real Food Pregnancy

As of today, April 25, 2013, I officially have 2.5 children! That’s right…half-Indian baby #3 is on the way, and as I compare this pregnancy to the other two, especially in the realm of what I eat, I see quite a few differences. As you


The Search for Soy-Free Chocolate

I like chocolate. It isn’t my favorite sweet treat, but I do enjoy a bit of chocolate now and then. I prefer dark chocolate, especially somewhere around 70-75% cacao, since the bitter notes taste better to my palate. Plus, I can justify indulging a bit


The 21-Day Sugar Detox

I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of diets, detoxes, or any kind of eating fad that causes people to eat crazy (usually tiny) amounts of foods (or food-like substances) that they will not continue to eat once they have fallen off the wagon and


Practical Paleo Review and Giveaway

  **This giveaway is now closed** Perhaps you have heard of Practical Paleo, but perhaps not. Allow me to introduce you! Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo is a 400+-page giant of a book which has spent seven weeks on the New York Times bestseller list

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