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Super Easy Breakfast Scramble

I really like breakfast, but it can be a challenge to make a protein-rich, satisfying meal on weekdays since they often take more time than I have in the morning. This, however, took about 15 minutes total to make and was delicious!


Cauliflower Rice

We eat a lot of rice around here. As is true of most Asian cuisines, rice is a staple of Indian food, and for the most part, I can’t imagine curries without it. However, I have found that I feel much better (and so does


Mama Likes Meatloaf

As the weather continues to chill me to the bone (50F is cold here in California!), I keep getting the urge to bake. I love the gentle hum of the oven, the warmth it brings to my kitchen, and the delicious food that emerges when

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