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Individual Nutrition Education and Wellness Coaching

Achieving Your Wellness Goals

Ready to make a change but not sure where to start? Looking to sleep better, have more energy, improve your nutrition or have better digestive function, I can help you move forward in your health journey.

Customized Wellness Coaching can help you with:

  • Incorporating nutrient-dense foods into your diet for the purposes of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and overall optimal health
  • Help transitioning your family to a real food/Paleo/Primal/WAPF-style diet and lifestyle
  • Meal planning for tight budgets, busy families, and people who don’t cook
  • Introducing nutrient-dense foods to babies, young children, and teenagers while establishing good eating habits
  • Creating sustainable habits around sleep, meal planning, dining out, and other lifestyle factors (for sustained success)
  • Adapting ethnic cuisines to Paleo cooking –> Using non-traditional or new ingredients (such as ethnic ingredients, bone broth, fermented foods, organ meats, etc.)
  • Encouragement and mindset coaching when you feel like you have tried everything and are unable to experience success

All wellness coaching services include the following assessments and a personalized evaluation:

  • Health history/interview
  • 5-day wellness journal evaluation (daily nutrition, digestion, exercise, and sleep)
  • Report of findings, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, email support, and follow-up appointments

Wellness Starter
Health/Wellness History Checkup
Initial Coaching Session
Nutritional/Lifestyle Recommendations
Add follow-up sessions for only $50
3-Session Package
Includes all services from the Starter Session
Discounted Pricing
Skype/Phone Coaching Sessions
Wellness Plan
Includes Email Support
5-Session Package
Includes all services from the Starter Session
Save $30 with package pricing
Skype/Phone Coaching Sessions
Wellness Plan
Includes Email Support
Custom Meal Plan
Customized 1-week meal plans (family friendly)
Accounts for food allergies/intolerances
Can be added to any package
For Pregnant/Breastfeeding Mom, Kids, Athletes, etc
Multi-cultural approach

*** WELLNESS STARTER includes full evaluation of Wellness history and journal (to be completed prior to the Starter Session) and a 45-minute call via phone/Skype to review in detail. Payment is due in full prior to the coaching session(s). ***

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