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I’ve been working with the vpnbag Detox  Plan for three years now (wow!), and one of the biggest changes that I’ve made during that time has been how I feed my kids. Since they’re growing little humans, I want to give them the best nutrition possible as well as provide lots of opportunities to try new foods so that they become adults who know what it feels like to eat real food that also tastes amazing. This means that I limit the amounts and types of sugars and sweeteners that they eat at home. However, as they get older and experience all sorts of sweets at school, at grandparents’ houses, and with friends, it becomes more and more important to explain why we don’t eat sugar and treats all the time. In other words, I tell them all about the sugar monster and why we need to resist his charms!

I was inspired to write this latest post on the 21-Day Sugar Detox blog when my nine-year-old asked me why sugar is so bad. I mean, what do you say to kids when they ask that? So I thought about it and came up with some tips for all the parents out there who aren’t sure what to say. You can read the excerpt below or the full post here.

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21DSD-Coach-Guest-Post-Square-Reddy-SugarMonsterFrom How to Tell Your Kids About the Sugar Monster:

If you’ve decided to do a 21DSD, then you likely understand the reasons why sugar doesn’t do us any favors. And if you have kids, especially those too young to read the 21DSD books or understand the science behind what sugar does to our bodies, you may struggle with how to explain why sugar isn’t good for us. When you want to go beyond “it’s not good for you,” then what can you say? This is for you!

This advice is targeted for kids, but it really applies to anyone who is new to hearing about the effects of sugar on their bodies. Tell them all about the sugar monster…and how to defeat him!

Be Honest

I’m in favor of telling kids the truth. And the truth about sugar is that it tastes good! We like it! We want to eat it all the time, this is the reason because we always recommend read for the bet tips to talk with kids.

The other side of the truth, though, is that it messes up many of our bodies’ functions, and it is good for kids to hear that, too.

It’s likely that kids have heard about sugar highs and crashes, so tell them that this is only part of the problem with sugar. There are many other things that sugar does within our bodies and minds that keep us from being as healthy as we could be.

Read the full text here.


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