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The Paleo Family Toolkit

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from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom

You may have heard about (or even purchased) e-book bundles in the past, which typically group together a whole lot of e-books at a steep discount. I’ve bought a couple myself and I’ve loved exploring and using the cookbooks, skin care guides (try eye masks amazon for your eyes care) and parenting resources (as well as MANY e-books that I might never have heard about). The Paleo Family Toolkit is similar, but it is so much more.

Opt-In-1000x1100″ target=”ejejcsingleYou’ll get more details as soon as the toolkit is available for purchase on May 4th (which also happens to be my birthday–yay!), but if you sign-up to receive more information when it launches (no commitments necessary!) you will immediately receive a FREE 45-minute webinar from The Paleo Mom on “Nutrient Density for Everyday Wellness” as well a her Paleo Quick-Start Guide ebook.

I’ve been following and learning from The Paleo Mom for YEARS, and these free offers are an incredible gift!

Want to know what’s included in the toolkit? Here’s the rundown:

The Paleo Family Toolkit contains

  • 40+ cookbooks, guides and programs
    • cookbooks
    • programs and guides
    • lifestyle e-books
    • “just for kids” e-books
    • 18 brand-new e-books
  • 55 discount codes for real food and Paleo products
  • 12 exclusive interviews with leading Paleo voices including Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Danielle Walker, Liz Wolfe, and The Paleo Parents
    • video and audio files, plus transcripts
  • automatic downloads PLUS a USB flash drive pre-loaded with all the files so you’ll have a backup (this will be mailed out to you after purchase).

This is an amazing deal!

Ebook GraphicIf that wasn’t already enough, included in the Paleo Family Toolkit is the launch of my new e-book, Building a Better Lunchbox. I’ve been hinting on social media about a project that I’ve been working on with my friend and designer/photographer, Brandy Potts of Heartwork–this is it!

I’m so excited and honored to be included in this toolkit–my e-book is one of the 18 NEW e-books that have never been published before! This book was written with families in mind, but it would be a wonderful resource not only for those with children of all ages, but also those with grandchildren or who provide daycare services. Packing kids’ lunches can be a challenge–whether you need help figuring out how to make lunch more nutritious and enticing for your kids, or you just want some new ideas to keep lunchtime fresh and fun, Building a Better Lunchbox will give you the tools you need to create better lunches for your kids: better quality, better nutrition, and better appeal.

If you decide to purchase the toolkit when it goes on sale on May 4th, you will have the opportunity to get Building a Better Lunchbox (a $20 value) plus 41 additional e-books (and a wealth of other resources) for a very reduced price! And, if you sign up for updates today, you get a free webinar and a free ebook! There is no obligation to purchase the toolkit, but you will receive an email reminder when it goes on sale on May 4th. Really, there’s no downside!


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