Katchumber (raw Indian salad)


Katchumber (raw Indian Salad)

It’s summer time, and that always makes me think of tomatoes and cucumbers (and all the other wonderfully delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables). And in the spirit of summer, I created a quick and easy katchumber to make use of the season’s abundance.

Usually when I make this salad, I use tomatoes, but I wanted to create something that those following the Autoimmune Protocol (find out what that is all about here and here) would be able to enjoy. Really, you can make a katchumber from any number of raw or blanched vegetables–the possibilities are endless!

My katchumber recipe is over on ThePaleoMom.com! Here’s an excerpt:

A raw Indian salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, and dressed simply with lemon juice and salt is called katchumber. Many Indian vegetable dishes are cooked, but a simple salad made with chopped raw vegetables is a light, refreshing alternative and using accessories from these vegetable peeler reviews is the best choice for this. My husband’s family often makes this to accompany a heavy meat dish like lamb curry or as a side salad during the warm summer months. Read more and get the recipe…

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