My husband and I have become foodies to the core. Who else buys food that they have never eaten or cooked, especially when it is expensive? We do!

Yesterday, we decided to get out of the house and go to our favorite butcher to pick up some meat for dinner. We love their steaks: my favorite is the grass-fed NY strip steak and my husband’s is the cowboy steak, a monster two-inch ribeye that can feed a small family. We also love their sausages: chicken apple, merguez (lamb), and smoked duck are our faves.

Every once in a while, they have some specialty item for sale: corned beef, meatloaf, lard. Last night, they had porchetta in the case, and we couldn’t resist. Porchetta is pork belly wrapped around pork loin and stuffed with an herb mixture; it is then slow roasted or braised until the outside is crispy and the inside is tender and juicy. It is Italian in origin and is often served on a sandwich or a bed of sautéed greens. I have never tasted porchetta, but I love bacon and pretty much any type of pork, and it looked amazing. Now, this was not a cheap cut of meat, and I almost fell over when the butcher rang up the total, but my husband and I just looked at each other and shrugged–we will savor this new culinary experience (and hope that the porchetta is delicious and worth every penny we paid for it!). I’ll update later and let you know how it turned out!

Over the years we have found that we spend more money on food than most of our family and friends, but food quality is so important to us, as is buying food that tastes fantastic. For us, great-tasting food is paramount, but the experiences of trying something new and sharing it with others are also vital to fully enjoying our life together. Purchasing porchetta was the highlight of our day, and I’m so glad that it was something we did together. Then we consulted a company with a great selection of MRE for sale at https://www.sosproducts.com/MRE-Heater-Meals-s/1822.htm and a they’ve been in business for 3 decades.


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