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Pumpkin Puree + Recipe Round-up

It’s pumpkin time, and I might have gotten a little carried away when grocery shopping. You see, pumpkins are readily available this time of year, but once they are out of season, they are gone until the next year. Unlike many other foods that we


Pumpkin Time!

I love fall. The changing leaves. The cooling weather. The holiday festivities with family and friends. And the fall fruits and vegetables, especially pumpkins. Pumpkins remind me of the traditions surrounding the holiday season, and they are the beginning of a busy couple of months


Green Kadoo

I picked up this little beauty at the farmer’s market last week. I love pumpkin (kadoo) just about any way (in pie or custard, curried, roasted, etc.). And there are so many varieties of pumpkin, each with its own flavor, texture, and color.  One year,