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Bakin’ Bacon

Do you like bacon? I like bacon. My husband and kids like bacon. Bacon makes it better, right? But bacon is so time consuming and messy to make, especially when I’m cooking enough to feed five people! There must be a better way… A couple of years ago, I heard about


Bacon-wrapped Dates

It’s holiday party time, and many people get stuck eating the same, sad appetizers and finger-foods. Crackers and cheese, crudités and dips, and lots of sweets. Why not spice up your appetizers with something simple and (gasp!) healthy? Bacon-wrapped dates to the rescue! Yes, I am actually


Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

I know, I know, you’ve had Brussels sprouts and you don’t like them, right? They are possibly the world’s most reviled vegetable, but I think they have gotten a bad rap. I have served Brussels sprouts to several people who claimed that they didn’t like them,