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Tummy Healing Chicken Soup

When I was growing up, whenever I wasn’t feeling well my mom would make me chicken noodle soup. Okay, actually she would open a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, but the thought was the same–chicken soup feeds the body and the soul, right? I


Bakin’ Bacon

Do you like bacon? I like bacon. My husband and kids like bacon. Bacon makes it better, right? But bacon is so time consuming and messy to make, especially when I’m cooking enough to feed five people! There must be a better way… A couple of years ago, I heard about


Jerk Chicken

Many years ago, before B and I were married, he was a regular patron of a small Caribbean restaurant and catering company that served whatever the owner decided to make that day, since we look at many different services for this and this Caribbean service